Baku – The Capital Of Azerbaijan

BakuThe earliest evidence of settlements in the district of Baku belongs to the II century BC. The first documentary evidence of the date of Baku VIII century AD. 
By the end of the XIX century Baku was a typical medieval Eastern city safely surrounded by sturdy walls, indicating the willingness of citizens to defend his native city for a long period.
The rapid development of the oil industry has made Baku in the late XIX century, a major industrial center with a distinctive, contrasting and unique architecture. The huge profits reaped by local and foreign manufacturers of oil, became the basis for financing the construction of buildings, many unique and exquisite.
Today, Baku continues to develop dynamically, has a unique historical, cultural and scientific potential.
Things ancient and modern Baku:
Panorama of the city presented to the height of the mountainous part of a television tower clearly gives an idea of the contrasts and the extent of Baku, the horseshoe bay of Baku. The city is shaped like an amphitheater, descending down to the Caspian Sea.
Tour covers the central part of the city showing the most interesting historical and architectural sites.