Scenes Around Lahic

Unpaved Path        The Coppersmith's Shop

Lahic has established itself as an historic district. Nothing can be built that is not of traditional construction. Because of the frequent earthquakes, there is always much that needs to be constructed. Although the town has been there for 2,000 years, only a few buildings are over 200 years old. 
They have determined a way to build that makes them safer in the earthquakes by layering the stones for an established height and then placing wood strips. There are two walls of stone and then crushed rock is placed between the walls. All this is done by hand with hammer, chisel, and a few other tools.

Castle Remains over Lahic         Cow Pasture in Town

This is misspelled - should be hamam! Only open onMon and Fri for women. Instead, my hostess built a big fire in her stove which was built under a hot water tank. After two hours we had boiling hot water for a shower. 

Dressing Room in the Bathhouse          hamam

After washing and carding, this fleece will be used for a mattress, quilt or pillow. When a couple becomes engaged, she makes him a new mattress as a gift. 

Mosque and Public Spring

All mosques require a source of water for washing. Additionally, there are public taps all over town in the same historic spots as when people did not have individual tap water. I assumed all the public taps were springs. Then on a walk, I saw this building and was told it was the city cistern that was the source of all the water in Lahic. It had been built with assistance from Japan. 

Lahic Street Scene

Most of the public taps and those in people's courtyards run constantly even though they have closeable spigots. 
My guide said, "Water is free." 
There does not seem to be any drought fears as we have in Colorado where we have been limited to twice a week watering for ten minutes twice a day! 

I was also told there was no fear of running out of fire wood even though that is the only source of heat in small stoves in several rooms in each house.

Author: pscotterly