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Exploring Mugam

It is a highly complex art form that weds classical poetry and musical improvisation in specific local modes. "Mugham" is a modal system. Unlike Western modes, "mugham" modes are associated not only with scales but with an orally transmitted collection of melodies and melodic fragments that performers use in the course of improvisation. "Mugham" is a compound composition of many parts.

The choice of a particular mugham and a style of performance fits a specific event. The peculiarity of folk music clarifies itself firstly with the development of a fret system. It contains seven main frets - rast, shur, segyakh (are especially spread), shushter, bayati-shiraz, chargyakh, khumayun and three collateral kinds - shakhnaz, sarendj, chargyakh in some other form.

Instruments used in traditional Azeri mugam music include the stringed instruments tar - is a long-necked plucked lute, the kamancha - is an ancient stringed musical instrument of Azerbaijan played with a bow and the qaval - Gaval (daf) is also the oldest musical instrument of Azerbaijan. More information about tour.

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