Museum of carpet and applied arts

Museum of carpet and applied arts Museum of the azeri carpet, folk & applied arts is the first museum of carpets in the world. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is the treasury of Azerbaijan national Culture.

Established for researching, keeping and displeying carpets and carpet items, as well as applied art works, the Museum has the most large collection of Azerbaijan carpets in the world, of different weaving techniques and materials.

Carpets weaved in the XIII-XX centuries are objects of the ancient living; Bronze Epoch ceramic monuments and art metals of the XIV century are among them. The high-level mastering can be marked in decorations – silver and gold jewellery, traditional clothes, and art embroidery.

There is also a collection with the wide representation of works of modern artists-craftsmen. Azerbaijani applied arts, especially carpet weaving, occupy a special place in the history of its national culture. 

The most widespread folk art is carpet weaving. It made its way into the everyday life of the people of Azerbaijan and turned into a symbol for the nation. Because of their high aesthetic value, fleecy and pileless carpets, decorated with various patterns and signs, are used to decorate the walls and floors of marquees, huts, homes, nomads' tents, and other buildings.

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Work time: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 18.00