Buglama in Azeri means “Steamed”. Main ingredients are – lamb (or fish), onions, peppers and tomatoes. Buglama steamed in its own juice.


Lamb (ribs or tenderloin) – 1kg (2lb)
Onions – 2
Tomatoes – 3
Bell peppers – 2
Cilantro – ½ of bunch
Salt and Pepper to taste

Place the pieces of lamb into the pot. If using ribs, don’t use ribs that are too lean. Select ribs that have a fair amount of fat, and don’t add any butter to the pot.
If using tenderloin, add some butter to your pot. Season your lamb with salt and pepper. On the top of the lamb place a layer of sliced onions, then place layer of sliced bell peppers and on the top the layer of tomatoes and herbs.
Steam on a low heat until your lamb is tender. Before serving, sprinkle over chopped cilantro and mix everything together. Buglama serves hot with its own juice.