Sheki halva

Sheki halva  

Here is a dish absolutely changed my ideas about halva, we will focus on it in detail. This is another dish, distinct from the gray mass of waste seeds, which is sold by us ... Sheki halva, a best and a special halva in Azerbaijan. 

Wherever you come to the country, be sure to order the Sheki halva, it is likely that it will make you taste himself to visit Sheki. Halva - Eastern dessert, made from sugar, nuts or seeds, a word used to describe several types of confectionery. One type of halva is based on the crushed oilseeds. The other type is based on wheat flour or vegetables.

This halva can taste only in Azerbaijan. Hard work and preparation conditions limit the ability to cook at home. Therefore, buy a ready-made. On the Internet many recipes Sheki halva, but this - Sheki can only eat in the same city. The fact is that the secret of its manufacture is known to those for whom cooking halva 200 years as a family business. The people they call "halvachi." 

The recipe they do not disclose to anyone, so how to bake the mesh-like guinea worm, how to add chopped nuts to the dough, how to make a sweet syrup, no one will ever know. Be careful in the summer because of the high content of oil and rice flour paste deteriorate faster. Only one thing - to come and try a piece of yourself in person. 

And now about the actual process of making this confectionery masterpiece. First, dough is prepared based on rice flour, with special tanks poured into hot frying in multiple layers, forming a grid. This grid is called the guinea worm, 1 guinea worm is ready to remove from the pan after 1 minute.

Then form the dish - 6 layers of rice guinea worm is placed on the bottom, then fill a special nut mixture and topped with another layer of rice 4 guinea worm. 

Saffron make a special jam, halva which decorate the top, putting it on the surface of the quill pen. 

Then paste in the pan bake for 30-40 minutes. 

Then it is filled with a special abundantly the sugar syrup, or in a more expensive embodiment of honey.