Terms and Conditions


Basic information:
In emergency cases you may contact with our duty manager 24/7 using the following phone number:
(+99450) 295 11 57

Our office contact information:
22 Suleyman Vazirov, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ  1005
Tel:(+99412) 4379090
Tel/Fax: +99412 4368193
Mobile:   +99450 295 11 57
Email: sales@victorytour.az 
Web: www.victorytour.az

Working Hours
Monday – Friday from 10:00 till 18:00
Suturday from 10:00 till 16:00
Sunday Day off
National Holidays from 10:00 till 15:00 or Day off

Country code and other important contact information:
Country Code +994
Baku Code : 12
Police 102
Emergency medical service 103
Fire and rescue service 101

Banks and currency exchange
In Baku, banks work from 9.00-9.30 AM till 5 PM. You can exchange currency in banks and hotels. There is also exchange point in Baku International Airport. During national holidays most of bank doesn’t work.

Victory Tour highly recommends to obtain medical insurance before starting the tour. By additional request Victory Tour can provide you with travel insurance. Victory Tour is not responsible for the medical expenses caused due to the absence of medical insurance.

The national currency of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani manat. You may check exchange currency rate on his site http://www.azn.az/
In general, credit cards payments can only be made in large supermarkets in the capital, in certain hotels and in banks. In the regions, it is virtually impossible to use credit cards.

In many restaurants, customers are expected to leave 5-10% of the sum; in this is not indicated in the menu, you can add 10% to the bill (doing so in advance may sometimes speed up the service). You can give porters at the airport of hotel 5-10 manats, depending on the amount of your baggage. Passengers are not expected to tip the taxi drivers, and it is recommended to negotiate the fare in advance (taxi drivers do not generally accept foreign currency).
Bargaining can be useful anywhere, especially in private stores and at markers – with good bargaining skills it should not be too hard to reduce the price by half.

Utility-supplied voltage is 220/240 V/60 Hz. Standard sockets are Type C sockets with two pins. The system of measurement is the metric system.

Customs rules
Tourists are allowed to bring currency without any limitations. It is permitted to export not more than 10.000 USD (or equivalent to 10.000 USD in other currencies) without custom declaration. Amounts more than 10.000 USD to 50.000 USD should be declared during departure. Amounts more than 50.000 could not be exported in cash( only by bank transfer). Bringing items intended for private use is permitted free of charge; up to 125 g of caviar, and up to 3 cartons of cigarettes and medicines, as needed. It is permitted to export personal belongings, articles of craft and goods obtained in the country. Export of any antique goods (including precious stones, coins, transcripts, carpets and other works of art) without the permission of the authorities is forbidden. Transit of narcotic substances, guns and ammunition (excluding shotguns, for which permission is given), literature and video materials offending moral values, literature, souvenirs or other items in Armenian language or Armenian production and violating laws of the country are forbidden.
Please note that this information can be changed any time. We recommend to check http://customs.gov.az/en/ site for more and exact information.

Time zone
GMT + 4 hours (GMT + 5 hours from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October)

During your entire stay in our country you will need to carry with you an identity paper or a copy of the document with your entry visa (in case you do not have the original document). If the official agencies need to check your documents, you can, if necessary, contact our manager in order to solve all procedural issues.

Quests must watch out for traffic in all of the cities. Very dangerous, and people don’t obey the traffic lights.

Women will need head scarves for visiting of mosques in Azerbaijan and knees covered.
Baku is a windy city and we recommend having clothes with a hood.

Our company works both with the hired guides as well as with the company’s own guides. Given the limited number of guides, it is recommended to send applications as early as possible. The company reserves the right to change guides before the tour depending on the situation and other factors.

Сhanges during services
All changes during providing services must be confirmed from responsible agent’s side. Additional payment may be surcharged if any extra serviced are required from the client’s side. Working hours of the guides and drivers are prescribed in the program in advance. Overtime of the guide and driver is subject of the additional payment.

Customers are responsible for the hotels services if the hotel was chosen by the client, not the agent. If hotel was chosen by agent and in a case of objective complaints from the side of client during the stay the hotel is to be changed to the similar or upper category.

Visa & Migration Rules
No refunds or changes to e-visa are possible after documents are submitted to MFA of Azerbaijan.
Victory Tour (ExploreAzerbaijan.com) is not responsible neither for non-implementation or timeliness of visa processing by officials nor for visa rejection.
Make sure that you have free page in your passport and the passport expiry date is valid upon arrival. For most countries validity of passport should be not less than 6 month before arrival.
Please be informed that if you have visited before Nagorno Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan occupied by the Republic of Armenia you can be refused to entry to the Azerbaijan on border.
Duration of stay on e-visa will indicated exactly according to dates indicated in presented confirmation of airticket reservation.
E-visa is valid only for indicated dates on visa paper. If tourist will stay for more days that indicated on the e-visa, it will be considered as a violation of local visa regulations and may result of payment of a fine from 300-400 AZN, as well as deportation and a ban of entry to Azerbaijan next 5 years (if the tourist refuses to pay).
To avoid any misunderstanding during departure, be sure that you get frontier stamp to your e-visa paper on arrival and keep it with yourself until departure.

Azerbaijan enacted a new law on April 1, 2013 that requires all foreign visitors staying in Azerbaijan for longer than 14 days to register with the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan within three days of arrival. You must submit a completed registration form, a copy of the biographic page of your passport, and a copy of your visa to the State Migration Service either in person, via mail, or e-mail. Licensed hotels may assist their guests register, but travelers staying in personal homes, private apartments or un-licensed hotels must register themselves by this link http://e-reg.migration.gov.az:8080/DMXERegistrationApp/ . Every individual traveler is responsible for ensuring that the registration has been done. Registration is free, but failure to register or registering late may result in a fine of between 300-400 AZN

Foreigner may be expelled if he/she has furnished false or incomplete information during the visa application process for the purpose of obtaining a residence title. The applicant is obliged to provide all information to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. If he/she knowingly furnishes false or incomplete information, the visa application may be refused or the applicant expelled from Azerbaijan Republic, should a visa already have been issued. With his/her signature on application form for visa, the applicant certifies that he/she has been informed of the legal consequences of furnishing false or incomplete information in the course of visa proceedings.

Foreigner undertakes to leave the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic before the expiry of the visa, if granted. Possession of a visa is only one of the prerequisites for entry into the Azerbaijan Republic. The mere fact that a visa has been granted to me does not mean that foreigner will be entitled to compensation if he/she refused entry. The prerequisites for entry will be checked again on entry into the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.

For more information about visa procedures please contact with our manager by following email: visa@victorytour.az

Other information
Azerbaijani tend to be somewhat reserved and soft-spoken. They are warm and friendly and will open up the more you get to know them. Though they tend to get straight to the point, Azerbaijani will always ask about your family and health first; this is because the family is a very important part of Azerbaijani social structure, even in the 21st century. Elders are respected for their wisdom and experience and women are treated with gallantry. Having said that, the family structure is still very traditional, with men supporting the family and women taking care of the home, although this is not necessarily so in cosmopolitan Baku. Though they are a friendly and good-natured people, there are certain things that the Azerbaijani tend to avoid in conversation. The country is largely an agnostic and non-religious state, even though 95% of the population is officially Shiite Muslim; therefore, religion tends to be a private affair, and open display of faith is frowned upon.


This communication contains information issued by Victory Tour (Explore Azerbaijan). This e-mail message and all attachments transmitted with it are intended solely for the use of the addressee and may contain legally privileged and confidential information.
If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivering this message to the intended recipient, the reader is hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying, or other use of this message or its attachments is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by replying to this message and please delete it from your computer.
Within the bounds of law Victory Tour (Explore Azerbaijan) may monitor electronic transmissions through its internal and external networks to ensure compliance with internal policies and for legitimate business purposes.


Сovid 19 Regulations
The following requirements must be met to visit the Republic of Azerbaijan during Covid-19 pandemic:
- an official document issued by a relevant authority of the country (COVID Passport) on complete vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 of passengers over 18 years of age and an official document confirming the negative result of a PCR test for COVID-19 issued within 72 hours before the flight;
- an official document confirming the negative result of a PCR test for COVID-19 issued to passengers aged 1 to 18 years within 72 hours before the flight.
COVID passports and PCR tests are not required for children under 1 year of age.
All airlines operating direct flights to the Republic of Azerbaijan must register only passengers who meet the said requirements.
Passengers who do not meet the established requirements when crossing the border at the entrance to the territory of Azerbaijan will not be allowed to enter the country and will be returned at the expense of the carrier.

For more detailed and updated information please visit:




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Shamkhal Alafsarli
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