Things to Do in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a charming and energetic country with lots to offer visitors, including the ancient Azerbaijani  historical monuments, the renaissance beauty and fashion metropolis cities. There have many places where  you must go. Up to the 19th century Baku exited within the Fortress walls of Icheri Sheher what is now  the Baku fortress is usually called. The fortress is well preserved and is really a museum in the open air, the  treasury of the Medieval architecture, which contains more than 200 monuments including the Ensemble of  the Shirvanshahs' Palace (XV c). Climb the multiple spiral staircases inside Maiden's Tower (XII c),   which overlooks the Caspian in the Icheri Sheher, and be privy to a stunning 360-degree view of the city.
Mohammed Ibn Abubekir Mosque (1078), and other mosques, Caravanserais and historical  monuments. The vicinities of Baku are well known for such landmarks as Ateshgah - the unique fire  worshipers temple complex (17th 18th centuries) - burning natural gas outlets,the temple complex includes t  the central temple altar, chapels, cells, caravanserais as well as the square pit intended for burning bodies of  the dead on the sacred fire (now filled up with stones). In 1975 after restoration works had been  completed, Ateshgah was opened for tourists. Gobustan – the open air museum featuring rock drawings of  late Stone Age.

 Azerbaijan has more than 115 museums, galleries and their branches in every city and region of the  republic. One of theme is Carpet Museum, Museum of History of Azerbaijan, Museum of  Azerbaijan Musical Culture, Museum of Azerbaijan literature named after Nizami Ganjavi,  Museum of miniature books, Museum of modern art and others.

Among the most unique landmarks  are the ancient mausoleums of Momine-Khatun and Jusif, the towers of Absheron  Peninsila.Gobustan Mountains, Beyuk-dash, Kichikdash, Dzhingirdag, Shongardag and Shihgai  have preserved the evidence of Azerbaijani people centuries old past starting from the Stone Age - rock  drawings, prehistoric people's sites, rock fortresses, tombs and burial places. In Azerbaijan have many n  national parks. There is Zangezur National Park, Shirvan National Park, Ag-Gol National Park,Hirkan National Park, AltyaghachNational Park, Absheron National Park, ShahdagNational Park, and Göygöl National Park

“Happiness is not in money, but in purchasing” - shopaholic echo as a prayer the words of gorgeous Marilyn  Monroe. In Baku, fashion admirers can find everything they need for the manifestation of his style. The worldwide brands represented in the capital suit every taste. Note that almost all shops and shopping centres can be paid by credit card. Palk Bulvar, 28 Mall, Metro City, Megafun,Galleria Nargiz,Azzure,Shuvalan Park and others are the best shopping places of Baku.

Baku is not only a tour to historic sites, exciting shopping, clean air and the sea, it is also a vibrant night life  which mainly includes restaurants and clubs. Many restaurants are open till late, attracting visitors not only with various menu, but also an interesting cultural program - live music and karaoke.

In summer night discos work on the outskirts of Baku and in the seacoast resort. In Baku have many restaurants specialized with national and foreign cuisine.

One of them is Chanag Gala, Bah-Bah Club, Narsharab,Tongal, ART Garden, Darya Fish house, Chelebi Khan, Buta Palace, Alinja, Faeton and other places. Baku is very modern city and there have many night clubs and entertainments. 

 Popular night clubs in Baku is 360bar at Hilton Baku, Club Eleven (11), Chinar,  Castle, Dion de Musique Karaoke & Lounge, Opera Sky Lounge, Mamounia,  Martini club, Palace club, Sound Factory Club and others. Most popular  entertainment places in Azerbaijan is Baku Entertaining Centre, Kempinski  Entertainment Center, Atlant, Amburan Beach Club, Baku Karting & Event  Center, Metkarting If you want go to cinema you must to go at Park Cinema, 28  Cinema, Cinemalux and «Nizami" Cinema.   

Baku is a cultural centre which hosts the now traditional international festivals of jazz music, mugham, music festival named after Mstislav Rostropovich,  Film festival “East-West” and others. There are a number of high-level venues,  theatres, state Philharmonic, museums, a wide network of libraries, exhibition halls,  cinemas, also State Circus in the city. Repertoire of Azerbaijan theatre, passed  difficult way of development, has need enriched now. Different spectacles,  amazing spectators, are staged in Academic National Dramatic Theatre, Municipal  Theatre, Pantomime Theatre, Theatre of Young Spectators and etc.