Azerbaijan history museum

Azerbaijan history museum is created in 1920. The museum has 6 sections, laboratory, 10 funds, scientific archive and library. The exposition of the museum is situated in 35 halls. 
History and culture of Azerbaijan have reflected since ancient period before our days here. In the hall of the museum "People’s friends and employees" is presented exhibits of friendly people, gifts from foreign states, are demonstrated rare pearls. There are scientific works, monographs, albums-catalogues, exposures, booklets and others in the museum. 
The building of the Museum was built in 1893-1902. The Italian Renaissance-style mansion is immense and takes up an entire city block. There are four floors in some parts of the building. It was designed by Polish architect Józef Gosławski. 

When the Red Army entered Baku in 1920, Taghiyev's residence - like that of other wealthy oil barons - was immediately confiscated. Under a resolution of the USSR People's Commissariat, the residence was established as a museum in June 1920, only a few months after the Bolsheviks took Baku.

Address: 4, Zeinalabdin Taghiyev str.  
Phone: (+994 12) 493-36-48, 598-17-41  
Work time: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 18.00