Museum of modern art

Museum of modern artThe museum basis - is the collection of the best works of painting and sculpture of Azerbaijan avant-guardists from 2nd half of the 20th century up to now. The collection shows aspirations, strivings and freedom of human soul. The museum is designed as a single organism combining art and sculpture, design and architecture. The author of the museum concept, architecture and design, the collection and exposition selection is the artist Altay Sadikh-zadeh.The main idea assumes the following: the halls without an angle, open passages make the review perspective and multidimensional and creates the effect of labyrinth; the bending walls in different angles make an illusion of continuous movement.There are no confined spaces in the museum.A two-storey building is designed as a whole with an architectural linking device – an art-object of “forgotten staircase”. Another joining factor is the color –every part of the museum is white. 
The museum itself is a showcase of avant-guard art with its free architectural forms, conspicuous metallic structures, a well-chosen and artistically designed exposition of paintings and sculptures. 

Address: 5, Safarov Yusif str. 
Phone: (+994 12) 490-84-04 
Work time: 11:00-21:00