Azerbaijan Academic Drama Theater 

Azerbaijan Academic Drama Theater On 10th of March and 17th of April, 1873, under G.B Zardabi’s , N.B  Vizirov’s and A. Adigezalov’s (Corani) initiative with the active    involvement of  M.F Akhundov set at the Baku stage the comedy - "Vizier  of Lenkorans  Khanate” and “Haji Kara”. Founded in 1920, first as Azeri  Joint State Theatre  troupe, also since 1922 included Russian and Armenian  troupe, received final  clearance. Until 1929, was named Academic Drama  Theatre, and then in 1935-  the Art Theatre; since 1950–modern name. In  1933- gave the name of  M.Azizbekov.In present building the shows    offered’s since 1960. 

In 1920, in the theatre performances were as follows: Akhundov’s - "Haji Kara", D.Mamedguluzade’s "The deadmen", Shakespeare’s - "Hamlet", Treneva’s - "Spring Love", and others. In 30 years Dzhabarly’s - "Almas", "Yashar", Gahman’s- “Weddings”, Siyavush’s - "Javid, Vurgun’s - "Vagif". In 40-s G.Rza’s - "Vafa", Ibragimov’s - "Mahabbat", Vurgun’s - "Shirin and Farhad", Huseyn’s - "Nizami". In 50-s- Seidbeyli and Kasumova’s - "On the distant shores", Shakespeare’s – “Otello”, and others. In 60-s – Tolstoy’s -"The living dead", Shakespeare’s- "Antony and Cleopatra".     
He was awarded the Order of Lenin (1974) and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1949).
Address: 1, Fizuli str. 
Phone: (+994 12) 594-75-41