Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre

Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre named  Samed Vurgun (450 seats), organized in 1923  on the basis of the Bakus free satire-troupes (in  1920). Originally itcalled the Baku working  theatre (BRT). In 1937, named the Azerbaijani  State Russian Drama Theatre. In 1956, gave  the name S. Vurgun. 
 Since middle of 20’s theatre modern drama ( "Lyubov Yarovaya"-Treneva, 1926, "Kremlin chiming clock"-Pogodin, 1941 and 1956) and also works of classic "Three Sisters”-1946," Seagull”-1960,Chekhov, "Masquerade"- Lermontov, 1934,1959). A special place take part plays of azeri playwrights ( "Sevil"- in 1930, "The Bride of fire"- 1933, D.Dzhabarly "Farhad and Shirin”-1947,S. Vurgun, “Sunrise on Caspian"- 1951,Kasumova).  

Address: 7, Hagani str. 
Phone: (+994 12) 493-00-63, 493-42-42