Azerbaijan State Theatre musical comedy

Azerbaijan State Theatre musical comedy named Shihali Kurbanova (343 seats). Azerbaijani Popular musical comedy genre emerged in the early of 20 century. As opera that genre emerged after the creation of Hajibeyov. His comedy -"Husband and wife", written in 1909, was offered in 1910. In subsequent years, represented Hajibeyovs musical comedies- "That impossible, it possible"-(1911), "Arshin Mal Alan"-(1913). Before the revolution were represented Hajibeyovs comedy "50 years young man", "Married bachelor", Kazymovs- "Molla Jabi, Vurhavur." The source of these comedies are feudal - patriarchal attitudes, social equality, women's rights, corruption, ignorance, etc. Before 1938, the musical comedy was shown in the Theater of Opera and Ballet. Since 1938, - The Independent Music Comedy Theatre. In 1967, the theater was given the name L.Gurbanova. 

Address: 8, Azerbaijan ave. 
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